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The art of rhetoric

Friday, May 29th, 2009

I’ve been keeping track of interesting statements found in Letters to the editor. Some of these are taken out of context, but still amusing.

“The “world” is a constant part of our daily lives.”

“It seems that our age is characterized by radio and television talking heads who pompously pontificate about subjects they know little or nothing about.”

“St. Paul is poorly served with taxpayer money and city staff time being used for unneeded pigeon birth control plans.”

“The problem about ice caps melting is that sea levels are rising and causing floods everywhere.”

“We should keep our planet green and not full of gas for the animals and for us.”

“Cows are in nature, so that is an example of a natural cycle.”

I’ll admit that I’m picking on kids who wrote the last three. All in all they did a nice job with their letters.


Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Minnesota at New York. Bottom 7th. Minnesota leads 2-0. Alex Rodriguez hitting.

BERT BLYLEVEN: To Kevin Slowey, it’s still a 0-0 ballgame. He stays the mind frame that it’s still 0-0.

Rodriguez fouls off the first pitch.

BERT BLYLEVEN: That’s why that wild pitch that Burnett threw…when Nick Punto scored the second run. That’s a huge run. It’s 1-0, now you’re thinking, don’t make a mistake. But 2-0, aw, you feel a little more relaxed.

But you just said he should pitch like it’s 0-0. Then why would the second run make a difference? I’m confused.

DICK BREMER: [You get] one mistake…here’s the one strike pitch.

BERT BLYLEVEN: Let’s hope there’s no mistakes.

Rodriguez whacks the next pitch 15 rows up into the left field seats.

BERT BLYLEVEN: There’s one…Well now it’s a 1-0 ballgame.

New York ties the game by the end of the inning.

From the vault

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Some commercials highlighting high technology of the 1980s:

A 1984 ad for an ITT computer

Here’s one from 86 for an IBM typewriter

A Commodore commercial in which partcipants perform a bizarre salute and point

TV report about early online newspapers. One of the people is identified as a “Home Computer Owner”

CBC report about a growing worldwide phenomenon called “Internet”

Concert foul

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

From a review of the Springsteen show:

“The general admission floor kept things hopping, even though some of the middle-aged guys in the crowd seemed to confuse business casual with concert pit.”